Speedcubing : History and rules

Speedcubing is the art of solving the Rubik’s Cube in a record time ! Discover everything about the speedcubing now.

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Keep up to date on all the latest news and tips in the Rubik’s cube world. See also our last speed cube reviews.

Top 5 of the best Rubik's cubes

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Simple 3x3x3 resolution method

How to solve a Rubik’s cube 3×3 : Detailed method and formulas

The Rubiks cube : a reflection game Do you already own a Rubik's cube ? If not go get the orginal one at Amazon for a start ! Are you ready to solve the Rubik's cube ? I guess you

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Blindfolded Rubik's cube method

Rubik’s cube Blindfolded solving : The Pochmann method

Solving the Rubik's cube blindfolded : The Pochmann method Solving the Rubik's cube blindfolded ? You are not dreaming, this is possible ! I am going to present the blindfolded Pochmann method. The method was named after his creator, Stefan

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