The world just discovered a new obsession, which is booming at the moment. This object, called a fidget spinner, is much wider spread than the Rubik's cube or the Hula-hoop. This page will present in great detail the best fidget spinner available on the market and a top 10 of the best fidget spinners.

How does a fidget spinner work ? It is very easy. The central part is fixed and will be held between your thumb and your forefinger. You will then use the middle finger to start the spin with a quick pinch. The fidget spinner is now widely used because it helps people reduce their stress. It is also very efficient with autistic children, the fidget spinner helps them to focus on something and reduce their overall tension.

The central part of the fidget spinner is made up of a bearing. Almost all the fidget spinners use a ball-bearing. They are indeed cheap, easy to produce and to assemble and very efficient. The better is the central ball-bearing and the longer will the fidget spinner spin.

Let us move to the list of the best fidget spinners. They all have different and attractive designs but we have chosen them for their spinning characteristics. We can assure you that they are all top quality, among the best hand spinners of the market. It can be a good option to try different fidget spinners before making your choice. This will help you to realize which fidget spinner suits you the most. Depending on the size of your hand, some fidget spinners might be too big or some design may be uncomfortable.

The best fidget spinner N°1 : Bestidy Fidget Spinner Tri Focus


Bestidy best fidget spinner


The Bestidy fidget spinner is currently one of the best sales of fidget spinners worldwide. It is sold at its best price on Amazon at the moment. It is not a 3D printed fidget spinner as are many other fidget spinners.

The best fidget spinner from Bestidy is made up of ABS plastic, which provides him an unlimited time of usage. Its particular design offer him great stability and its central ball-bearing allow him to reach 3 minutes spin without effort. I could even spin it during more that 5 minutes. This is an excellent fidget spinner.

The best fidget spinner from Bestidy exists in black and in white. Feel free to buy it on Amazon if you want it at the best price and with a quick delivery.

Best hand spinners N°2 : Waitiee Fidget Spinner

=B06XHYSPLY&asin[us]=B06XHXJXLJ&asin[uk]=B06XHYSPLY] Waitiee best fidget spinnerThis fidget Spinner from Waitiee is definitely for the best fidgeters. It is made up of stainless steel and aluminium, which offer solidity and robustness. Concerning its spinning speed, it is impressive. It can go past the magic bar of 5 minutes without too much effort. For our first try with this fidget spinner, we managed to do more 4 minutes and 33 seconds. For a brand new fidget spinner, that is definitely impressive.

It is also a very quiet fidget spinner, making absolutely no noise. The spinner is easy to carry because of its small shape and can be used in school but also in an office as a stress-reliever. It is slightly smaller than the usual fidget spinner so it will be specially good for small hands.

Its price is slightly more than the average of hand spinners but that is the price to pay for top quality. The stainless steel is really high standard and without surprise we have here one of the best fidget spinners of the year.

It also offers free delivery on Amazon. Feel free to have a look at the comments on Amazon from the different users. Everyone loves it.


Best fidget spinner N°3 : Fidget Spinner Bestidy Triangle



best fidget spinner Bestidy TriangleThis Triangle fidget spinner is the second from Bestidy and is also in the top 3 ! The brand Bestidy really produces quality hand spinners. This triangle fidget spinner is made of copper and therefore offers very good robustness and longevity.

Its size is the average size of fidget spinners so it will suit for small hands, as well as for big hands.

The ball-bearings of this fidget spinner are of very good quality and allow to easily beat 4 minutes of spinning. During my first try, I have set a good time of 4 minutes and 17 seconds.

Its very particular design distinguishes it from the other fidget spinners. Because of its shape, the stroboscopic effect is there and holding it is very easy. That being said, it is slightly noisier than the two firsts of this ranking.

It is currently offered at a price slightly above 20 USD but I still very much suggest to buy a metallic fidget spinner rather than a plastic one. The plastic hand spinners offer a lower quality and are not necessarily lighter.