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Speedcubing is the art of solving the Rubik’s Cube in a record time ! Discover everything about the speedcubing now.

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Simple 3x3x3 resolution method

How to solve a Rubik’s cube 3×3 : Detailed method and formulas

How to solve a Rubik's cube 3x3x3. It is a great challenge and this very detailed solution will explain how to solve the Rubik's cube step by step. Every step is fully commented so that you understand perfectly the algorithms and formulas.

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Blindfolded Rubik's cube method

Rubik’s cube Blindfolded solving : The Pochmann method

If you already know how to solve the 3x3, why not trying to solve the Rubik's cube blindfolded ? The Pochmann method is the easiest blindfolded method with very few algorithms to learn. You will also find tips to become a fast blindfolded solver.

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